Handling stress is one of the most difficult tasks when it comes to adulting — you have uni, work, a social life to maintain, maybe go to the gym and get your life together. Ultimately with more work, comes more stress — and it’s easy for us to sweep it under the carpet to worry about later, ’cause we simply don’t have time for it.

I’m going to give you two metaphorical scenarios, and I want you to tell me which one fits you best.

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You’re struggling with inner conflict and turmoil. This [insert your negative emotion, rumination, anxiety, etc…

It’s ok to pick up your brush and

sweep darkness over your canvas

because that is what you feel.

#30in30 #poem #poetry @RedRoomPoetry

When offered the chance to be forgiven or forgotten,
to be what others couldn’t be without you, don’t forget
to always choose power and everything you ever wanted.

#30in30 #poem #poetry @RedRoomPoetry

I believe that those hopelessly in love are doomed to destruction.
Like candles coating the world in wax, burning questions slowly
into the fabric between skin and fire until darkness devours you.

#30in30 #poem #poetry @RedRoomPoetry

I want to nurture your voice in my arms, tell you you’ll be safe,
that you have a right to be heard, rooted deep in the ground,
busy planting seeds of life and hope — to pass on your story.

#30in30 #poem #poetry @RedRoomPoetry

Humanity in the abyss — a noiseless wave gathers.
How much did darkness make you bleed and suffer,
force you to survive despite wanting to perish?

I missed a lot of life, but maybe you’ll recover.
Drowning beneath the waves, dying from thirst.
At least, at last, you’ll be able to feel something.

Know what it’s like wried, dried, and split and burst,
as though the sound of constant war changes nothing,
maybe you’ll finally realise the actions of your words.

Whenever I am with you,
I discover something new.
An unknown cold world
that opens its mouth in
peals of thunder and cries,
“teach me how to sing”.
As if I were some heavy-handed god
and you were my unseeing prophet.

#30in30 #poem #poetry @RedRoomPoetry

I do not relax; I merely simmer in anxiety and chaos,

craving answers when panic and fear overwhelm me,

watch people fall in love when I can’t even fall asleep.

#30in30 #poem #poetry @RedRoomPoetry

A decade has taught me not to stitch myself back together,

To instead embrace the beauty of unravelling what once was,

And unlearn the expectation of remaining in one piece.

#30in30 #poem #poetry @RedRoomPoetry

This poem has been removed because it lacks
the emotional and verbal depth to be a real poem.
If you wish to re-submit your work, please remove
all instances of self-depreciation and any pain.
Please do not write about teenage love stories
or pieces that cannot be related to every person
who reads it, whilst at the same time making sure
to use an ancient reservoir of language you abhor.

Sarah Cupitt

Feminist journalist and writer advocating for social change. Poetry is my creative form of expression. https://theauthortoria.com/

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