Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Slow jazz and the smile of someone who cares, it’s a fragment of heaven, a chance to enjoy the company and to start to want more. It’s early. The machines are yet to warm, pondering the opportunity to rest a moment longer, to drink in the aroma of this place, the various cakes, muffins and danish pastries. The familiar smell of filter coffee rises and dissipates into the crisp air. It is taking a deep breath, sucking in the air that carries a hint of dampness that lacks the pollution of the Sydney day traffic. It’s a stomach clenched with hunger at the thought of sweet, honey rolls. It’s the earthy fragrance of fresh rain seeping from the window. Intermingling with the outlandish cologne of charcoal flames and cinnamon. Aromatic leaves, the air scented by blossoms, tiny green leaves of the thyme, rosemary with dark green leaves and white central stripe growing on woody stems.

Image for post
Image for post
Photo by Kris Atomic on Unsplash

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