I blaze my path from nothingness
wanting to escape the stench of souls
who’s blood has dried upon my talons
as I drive my wings and spread my will
to soar through the evening sky
and turn it into daylight.

Life has been kind to me, on most days anyway
bestowed its finest lullabies in punctured stars
carrying the flutter of a fairy’s broken wing
like the rustle of leaves as the wind coaxes it
to play its instrument and reach for the sun
but in the unquiet wards of the local hospital
it’s the incessant beeps of fading monitors
the collective breath of struggle and torment
a constant reminder of the brevity of existence
and the lasting impact of a fractured heart.

Humanity in the abyss — a noiseless wave gathers.
How much did darkness make you bleed and suffer,
force you to survive despite wanting to perish?

I missed a lot of life, but maybe you’ll recover.
Drowning beneath the waves, dying from thirst.
At least, at last, you’ll be able to feel something.

Know what it’s like wried, dried, and split and burst,
as though the sound of constant war changes nothing,
maybe you’ll finally realise the actions of your words.

Sarah Cupitt

Feminist journalist and writer advocating for social change. Poetry is my creative form of expression. https://theauthortoria.com/

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